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Window Frosting

$50.00 (excluding GST)

Window frosting is an adhesive window film which can be applied to any smooth glass surface. Perfect for store fronts and glass dividers in office environments, our custom window frosting in Melbourne provides privacy, security, and style.

We can provide and install digitally printed film with images, patterns and a plain border to create a unique decorative affect. Choose from the following:

Etch Mark Frost provides ingrain effect to window frost films.
Silver Frost provides silver-like effect to window frost films.
Sparkle Frost provides a sparkling effect to window frost films.

Window frosting also acts as a safety measure to help avoid accidental collision with clean, clear glass.

Custom frost films from Colorate Signs are affordable and require little maintenance apart from a wipe with soapy water once a year.

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    *Minimum order of this product is $60

    $50.00 (excluding GST)

    Installation Note:
    We offer installation service for this product in Melbourne Region only. Price may vary depending upon the location and complexity. Some job might need access equipment.
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