Acrylic Reception Sign

$1.00 (excluding GST)

Acrylic Reception Signs are versatile sign to look amazing to the reception area. It will come with the bevelled-edged or straight cut and flame polished finish. This product can be produced in various sizes as per the reception wall area. The panels size can get a maximum of 2440mm x1220mm. More popular sizes are 1200mm x600mm, 900mm x600mm, 1000mm x1000mm but can go any size based on the company brands.

We generally offer Coloured, frosted or white background (clear background is not available).

The sign comes with the High-quality solid satin stainless steel standoffs and template for the easy installation process.

This product can be installed with basic tools but if you think would be harder to install yourself then our installation team can install with minimal charges based on the location in Melbourne region only.

Shipping can be arranged to Australia wide with extra charge. Bigger size panel might need palletizing.

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    $1.00 (excluding GST)

    Installation Note:
    We offer installation service for this product in Melbourne Region only. Price may vary depending upon the location and complexity. Please fill the inquiry form below for installation quote.